A bagel needs more than a schmear

I don’t remember not liking bagels and lox.  So at some point I realized if I didn’t put my foot down my kids wouldn’t eat lox and the tradition would get lost like a sock in the dryer and be gone forever. 

I started with very generic store-bought salmon cream cheese.  I passed it off without a hitch.  Then, we moved into something a little more authentic, perhaps from a deli. 

And then I explained to my kids that lox is an acquired taste, and unless they eat it they are never going to like it, and fact is, Jewish people eat lox. I laid it on the line.  I wanted them to eat lox because I eat lox and because my parents eat lox.  I want their kids to eat lox – and I don’t ask for much now do I?  Taste it.

And they did.

And now my daughter eats lox on her bagels and cream cheese.  She’s 12.  And while at 15 my son is still a die-hard lox-cream cheese guy, he has taken to adding onion.

I’m very proud.

By Your Jewish Mother

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