Come, blog, eat a little something

I went to BlogHer ’07 and frankly, I didn’t learn very much except that I like dark, crowded smoky bars less than I did when I was in college. 

What I did take away from my time in Chicago was that the state of the blogosphere is incredibly diverse, that the volume is on high and voices are being heard. 

So I thought, maybe it’s time for my voice to be heard.  Our voice.

Maybe there should be a place where I, and other Jewish mothers, can say what we think (because we’re always thinking), and what we feel (because G-d knows we’re always feeling) about being Jewish mothers.  I decided it should be a place with good humor and light heartedness whenever possible. 

This is a place for mothers who consider themselves Jewish Mothers to connect to one another and to the world outside ourselves.  A safe place to vent on the sad state of bagels in North Dakota to someone’s niece not sending her kids to Hebrew school to the best and worst Jewish foods and recipes to how to navigate Hanukah/Hanukkah/Chanukah during our country’s Christmas season, to where to sit your yenta great Aunt Ruth at your son’s Bar Mitzvah. 

It’s a work in progress (aren’t we all) so have a little something to eat while you’re waiting.

1 Response to “Come, blog, eat a little something”

  1. 1 margalit August 8, 2007 at 12:55 am

    I was JUST talking today about the need for a Jewish Mom blog. The group I was talking to were the moderators and founders of the usenet group soc.culture.jewish.parenting. Now that Usenet is dying, I declared that we needed a space to handle the occasional post about bringing up Jewish children. Most of us moderators and founders now have much older kids, as we founded the group almost 14 years ago (I know!), but there are always new Jewish parents who are trying to raise their kids Jewishly in a rather unfriendly world.

    May I tell the moderators about your new blog? And can I please link to it on my own blog?

    Thanks in advance,


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