Erev Everything


Tomorrow my daughter will be twelve and in our house that means tonight is officially: Erev Birthday

Our family Erev celebrations were born out of humor as well as necessity. 

It all started a few years ago, the night before Mother’s Day.  Always looking for a way to finagle a backrub out of one of my kids, I decided that since we are Jewish, that every holiday is a Jewish holiday.  Therefore, since Jewish holidays begin at sundown, and since being Jewish makes all holidays Jewish, that all holidays start the night before!  Hence, the Erev Mother’s Day backrub that no one could argue with.

Tonight’s Erev Birthday celebration is not so self-serving.  Tomorrow I’ll wake up my daughter, give her breakfast (who are we kidding, she makes her own breakfast), drive her to camp, kiss her good-bye and spend the rest of the day doing ordinary, non-birthday things because she is heading to her favorite huge stomach dropping amusement park with her camp group.  She’ll leave at 9 a.m. and return home at 9 p.m., which obstensibly leaves me out of the birthday loop. 

It will be one the best days of her summer, because at twelve there is nothing better than a day with friends and an upside down roller coaster.  

And I would never even suggest or think she should stay home with me on her birthday, but I do want her to catapult into twelve having already had a fabulous celebration, with us.  Ok, maybe that is a little self-serving.

Tonight we’ll grill steak at her request, eat cake and sing happy birthday, her brother chiming in reluctantly.  

Of course, at 12, she gets it.  She is happy to start her birthday celebrations as early as possible and she’d drag them out until the end of August if I’d let her. 

How time flies. 

* * *

When my daughter turned four we had her Chuckie Cheese birthday party a week before her birthday.   Then, when she woke up to “happy birthdays” on the actual day of her birth a week later, she thought she was turning five!


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