Are stereotypical Jewish mothers a dying breed?

G-d forbid!

I say no, they – we – are not. We’re just a little less different and every other mother is a little more like us these days. 

And is that a good thing?  

According to Alana Newhouse, Jewish mothers are out-of-style and out-of-touch and not-so-funny.

Let me know what you think.


2 Responses to “Are stereotypical Jewish mothers a dying breed?”

  1. 1 Selfmademom August 15, 2007 at 10:35 am

    This is funny actually, and something happened yesterday that I think is actually relevant to this discussion. My mom and I were walking with my son, and were talking about, of course, my son and what he might like to do when he’s older. Her first response was, ‘he could be a doctor’ (every jewish mother’s wet dream), but I couldn’t help but think, ‘I don’t care if he’s a doctor, a lawyer, a painter, I just want him to be happy.’ Does that make me less of a Jewish mother to not want my son to be a doctor? Somewhere, my jewish mother is having a heart attack. Maybe we do need a doctor around after all…

  2. 2 your other jewish mother August 15, 2007 at 10:47 am

    We are a new breed of Jewish mothers. We have the traditions, dedication, strength and recipes of our own legacy of jewish mothers, while looking toward the future seeing hope and wonder within our own children and each others’ children. We will do whatever it takes to keep our children and our traditions alive. We will work inside and outside the home, we will volunteer at our schools and synagogues, we will try to instill jewish values into our children and anyone else who will listen. We are not always overbearing or dramatic or pushy, but sometimes we can be. Especially if we see injustices being done to our children (and by “our” children, I mean all children) or those less fortunate, or abused and battered and needy women all over the world. We know who we are and we are not afraid to show it. And we are funny. Very funny.

    On second thought, we are not a new breed. We are just like our matriachs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, and Judith, Deborah, Esther, Ruth and Naomi, and Sylvia, Jeanette, Evelyn, Mildred, Rochelle, Marilyn, Henrietta, Ada, etc.

    The biggest difference between this generation of Jewish mothers and the previous ones–we wear jeans (pants or skirts)–we don’t wear housecoats.

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