I think his wife should be called “Kosher Spice”

According to JTA, The Global News Service of the Jewish People:

Beckham won’t bend it against Israel.

David Beckham, the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer star, won’t join the England national team when it plays Israel in London next week in a qualifying game for Euro 2008. The midfielder, famed for his ability to bend the trajectory of the soccer ball, was sidelined for six weeks after spraining his right knee in a collision Wednesday night when Galaxy played Pachuca, a Mexican team.British media reported earlier this month that Beckham recently discovered that his mother is Jewish.


2 Responses to “I think his wife should be called “Kosher Spice””

  1. 1 Leslie FLowers September 4, 2007 at 12:18 am

    So a few years back Becky’s brother and I decided to move to a suburban neighborhood that had a great school system. Little did we know that we were definitely the minority. Paul and I live in a 96% Jewish community with a strong population being Orthodox! So here we are in a “public school system” that sends out a letter through the back packs asking for a “heads up” for Bar/bat Mitzvahs. Our oldest son Paully now wants to be Jewish! I came home 2 days ago to find a spilled mess in the frig which was his attempt at “Matzah balls”. In the 6th grade he is offered a second language for the next three years. He was chosen for Hebrew. THe school system said that it was because he is the minority and “most” of the other kids take Hebrew twice a week and therefore they should get an opportunity to learn Spanish or Chinese. So what are your thoughts? We really love all the people we live amongst, however it is a little challenging to teach religion in our home? Oh and by the way, I ( Leslie) had to have an Xray recently and the XRay Tech saw my address and she thought I was Jewish. I asked her why she thought that and she just stated ” You acted Jewish”. What is that about? She herself, was Jewish. What is all this stereotyping about. How do I deal? WASP in Beachwood!!!

  2. 2 your other jewish mother September 4, 2007 at 6:35 pm

    We have the same/opposite situation. We live in a neighborhood with a small Jewish population. Some of my children’s friends had never heard of bar/bat mitzvah until they were invited to my son’s or daughter’s. My daughter (14) is pretty religious. Her friends do not understand how she keeps kosher, how she does not shop/ride/got to movies on Shabbat. But, they are very sweet and supportive. Now with both kids in high school we are faced with the massive amount of work they will miss because they will be in the synagogue for 2 days of Rosh Hashanah. And for my daughter, because she chooses to, 2 days at the beginning of Sukkot and 2 days at the end. That is a lot of school to miss your first month of high school. My mom said that we had to be work harder and be smarter because we missed so much school. My kids missed a lot of soccer games because most were played on Saturday mornings. My daughter is faced with a dilemma–she wants to join Mathletes and Debate team–but the competitions are on Saturdays.

    We live in a very Christian country and it is very hard to be a minority. You are just seeing a new side of it.

    As far as stereotyping goes–the next person that says to me “but you don’t look Jewish” gets slapped.

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