You write matzoh ball, I write matzah ball


Whether it’s fluffy or floats like a brick, matzah/matzoh balls aren’t just for Passover anymore.  At least not in my house.  They’re a year-round favorite that makes my kids sit at the table at attention waiting for just one more.

But, what’s the preferred spelling method?  Chime in please, don’t just roll your eyes and click back to one of our fabulous recipes of words of infinite wisdom.  Because as this site takes shape, much like with a matzah/matzoh ball…I really want to get it right.

Ok, the die has been cast, we’ll be going with matzAh ball.  Hope that floats it for all of you!


1 Response to “You write matzoh ball, I write matzah ball”

  1. 1 Perky August 31, 2007 at 9:33 am

    There are other options, too!!! What about Matzo and Matza???? I’ve seen those spellings used, also!

    Geez, how can we make such a simple thing as a “M-Ball” so difficult??? Luckily, no matter how you spell it, it still tastes heavenly!!!

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